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Supply Chain Quality Control (SCQC) from SGS – mitigate grain quality risks at every stage of the supply chain, from inland silo to vessel or port silo.

Soya Grains

Whether you are transporter, seller or buyer of grains, determining and controlling the quality of grains, such as wheat and barley, during the loading of cargo, dispatch and transportation is important. Our Supply Chain Quality Control (SCQC) services help you mitigate grain quality risks at every stage of the supply chain – from inland silo to vessel or port silo.

Why choose Supply Chain Quality Control (SCCQ) from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Ensure that the cargo loaded from the inland silo to the vehicles corresponds to the allotted grade inline with the GOST local custody contract between the client and silo
  • Be sure that the cargo loaded meets the trading contract specification for additional parameters as per international standards
  • Confirm that the quality of grains received at loading corresponds with the quality obtained on the vessel 
  • Issue the documents, such as certificates and reports necessary for Letter of Credit requirements
  • Ensure quality control throughout the supply chain

Trusted Supply Chain Quality Control (SCCQ) from Russia’s leading supplier

As the leading provider of efficient inspection services in Russia, we carry out inspections using modern testing technology and experienced qualified field staff on-site.

Our Supply Chain Quality Control (SCQC) services include:

  • Mobile laboratory equipped by Infratec 1241 or Infratec “Sofia”. These perform quick analysis (within two or three minutes) for protein and moisture to international standards (such as ISO, ICC).  They are also equipped with sieves and scales to test for bug damage, foreign matter, grain admixture, foreign seeds, broken and shriveled grains, sprouted grains and more
  • Using the equipment of the local silo laboratory to test for Test Weight and Gluten (GOST), IDK (GOST), and Falling Number (for wheat only) if available
  • On-site sampling per vehicle and analysis per shipment by experienced SGS laboratory specialists and inspectors 
  • Quick reporting, issuing daily loading quality updates for each inland silo
  • Additional analysis for each inland silo parcel performed in a GAFTA approved SGS laboratory
  • Quality control of cargo arriving at the port for further loading
  • Further supervision of loading onto vessel 
  • Certification of vessel cargo 
  • Quality control at discharge of arrived cargo at port terminals across Russia
  • Confirmation of initial quality defined on the spot of loading against data obtained at discharge

To find out how our SCQC services can help you, contact us today.