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Efficient raw material processing services from SGS – increase the efficiency of your agricultural raw material processing plant


As an owner of a processing plant for agricultural raw materials, increased competition means that the need for optimizing costs and efficiency is vital. We offer you independent evaluation and monitoring of the efficiency of your plant’s raw material production processes to identify opportunities to increase productivity.

Why choose efficient raw material processing services from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Increase the transparency of your production processes and laboratory performance
  • Enhance the output of your final product
  • Strengthen quantity and quality monitoring of your raw materials and finished products
  • Avoid possible fraudulent circulation of your raw materials and products
  • Improve the precision of your plant laboratory tests

Efficient raw material processing services from Russia’s trusted experts

As the leading provider of efficient raw material processing services, we provide you with global experience of auditing, process monitoring and productivity. We also offer you a proven track record of increasing the efficiency of processing plants within the Russian agricultural and food sectors.

Our efficient raw material processing services includes:

  • Document reviews and interviews with plant staff
  • Quality control for incoming raw materials in our specialist laboratories and comparison of test results with in-plant lab test results
  • Quantity and quality monitoring of products along the entire production process – up to finished products and by-products
  • Analysis of compliance of the factual output with the anticipated output.

To discuss how we can increase the process efficiency of your plant, contact us today.