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On March 21, 2008 SGS and Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works (NTMK) celebrated 10-year anniversary of cooperation.
In March 1998, SGS conducted the first inspection of NTMK export metal roll. Since then, SGS has been issuing monthly 30-50 international certificates for NTMK, verifying quantity, weight, packing and marking of metal products shipped to Canada, Italy, Iran, Korea, China, Egypt and other export countries. Besides, independent quality and quantity control of in-coming raw materials (ferroalloys and magnesite) is carried out upon request from NTMK.

Sergey Krasnokutski, Head of Minerals Services of SGS Vostok Limited, the Russian subsidiary of SGS:«NTMK was among the first Russian metal works that adopted international best practices in metal trade market such as supporting foreign trade contracts by independent inspection. What nowadays seems obvious for market players, was an innovative solution 10 years ago, and this innovation has been implemented by the Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works team in the utmost professional and effective way.»

Valery Smirnov, Sales Director of NTMK: «Expanding presence in global markets plays an important role for NTMK development strategy. Certificates by SGS boost our negotiation power vis-à-vis our buyers from foreign countries. This document records quantity specifications of a shipment, and the fact that it is issued by an independent organization trusted in any country of the world allows minimizing the risk of groundless claims from our counterparts. Already one year after the SGS project started, the number of claims dropped significantly.»

Roman Evdokimov, Purchasing Director of NTMK: «I heartily congratulate SGS with the 10-year anniversary of our fruitful cooperation. Let me wish the company further prosperity and sustainability, as well as sound health, energy and persistence for its employees in doing their duty.»

At the event on March 21, representatives of NTMK received the SGS diploma for fruitful cooperation, high partnership culture and professionalism. In its turn, NTMK congratulated SGS Vostok Limited with the 10-year anniversary of Nizhniy Tagil office activity and with the 130-year anniversary of SGS Group, presenting the copy of laboratory scales аs a symbol of SGS precise work and balanced decisions.

Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works (NTMK), member of Evraz Group S.A., is the world's biggest company processing vanadium enriched titaniferrous ores. The NTMK manufactures a wide scale of rolled products for railways as well as is the main supplier of seamless pipe blanks for pipe plants and of structural steel products for machine building.