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Starting from 2006, SGS Vostok Limited, the Russian subsidiary of the SGS Group, has been METRO Cash & Carry’s partner in the framework of the food quality assurance programme. Namely, SGS has been approved by METRO Cash & Carry to provide the following range of services:

  • Supplier auditing,
  • Laboratory testing,
  • Hygiene monitoring.

The successful completion of the audit is one of the conditions to start product supply to METRO Cash & Carry stores. For a number of product categories the audit is to be conducted annually. During the supplier audit, conditions of manufacture are being verified against Russian mandatory sanitary and hygiene requirements as well as against all requirements necessary to produce safe food.

The following parameters are to be checked during the supplier audit:

  • Sanitary condition of production facilities, warehouses, auxiliaries,
  • Staff hygiene,
  • Staff competence and training activities,
  • Records management,
  • Traceability and identification of products from raw material to final product,
  • Internal auditing activities,
  • Corrective and preventive actions.

During the seven years of partnership with METRO Cash & Carry, SGS Vostok Limited conducted about 700 supplier audits in Russia and tested over 50 000 samples of products supplied to METRO Cash & Carry stores in Russia.

Thanks to the extensive regional network SGS provides supplier auditing and product testing services as well as hygiene monitoring for suppliers of METRO Cash & Carry throughout the whole territory of the Russian Federation, covering both European part of the country and Far East.

Alexey Katok, Business Development Manager for Russia, SGS Consumer Testing Services: ‘We are glad to see that the number of METRO’s suppliers contacting us for audits or hygiene monitoring has been growing each year. This is the best appraisal of our team’s qualification and of our service quality’.

Beside Russia, SGS cooperates with METRO Group in a number of countries, including Belgium, China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and others.

Consumer Testing Services
Alexey Katok, Business Development Manager
SGS Vostok Limited (Member of the SGS Group)
t. +7 495 775 44 55
f. +7 495 775 44 50

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