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A forest plantation is to be established in Sovetskaya Gavan District, Khabarovsk Region, Far East Russia with the financial support of SGS to reproduce Korean Cedar Pine. The key objective of this initiative is to cultivate highly productive and fast growing seedlings of Korean Cedar to gain high quality seeds so as to restore Cedar Pine forests in the Koppi river basin and in other territories of Sovetskaya Gavan District.

Forests in the basin of the river Koppi, especially Cedar Pine forests, have significantly suffered from fires. Natural regeneration of forests, especially consisting of Korean Cedar Pine, is very slow, and in many burned forest plots natural reforestation does not occur. However, Cedar Pine plays an important role in maintaining the natural balance of forestry ecosystems. It is often called a “bread tree” because its seeds feed many precious animals such as squirrel, sable, badger, wild boar, brown bear and Himalaya bear etc.

In view of the local forestry conditions and following expert advice one of the Grossewich forest area’s plots located on the Topta river, inflow of the Koppi river, has been selected as the best plot to plant Cedar Pine. On the territory of five hectares prepared by forest specialists 4'000 highly productive seedlings of Korean Cedar Pine are to be planted.

The new forest plantation will help supply the forest area with elite seeds to restore Cedar Pine forests.

The plantation is to be established in the framework of the cooperation between the Forest Management Department of the Government of Khabarovsk Region, the Khabarovsk Wildlife Fund, the Regional State-Owned Body “Sovetskoye Lesnichestvo” and the Regional State-Owned Body “Sovetskoye Lesnoye Khozyaystvo”.

This project has been driven to life thanks to the financial support of SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Executive Director of SGS Vostok Limited, Russian subsidiary of the SGS Group, Oleg Ozerov noted: “Our company has endorsed the establishment of the Korean Cedar Pine plantation because we feel utmost important to restore biodiversity and enhance forestry ecosystems’ productivity.”

Tatiana Apatovskaya
Regional Marketing Manager EEME
Tel: +7 (495) 775 44 55  

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