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An SGS petrochemical testing center has opened in Novorossiysk. The largest specialized laboratory in the region, it meets the highest requirements for analytical testing and allows for round-the-clock control of the quality of goods at the ports of the south of Russia.

The new premises of SGS’s laboratory in Novorossiysk occupy 1,290 sq. meters. The space has been significantly expanded to accommodate new equipment and thus prepare for increasing workloads. The mixing and preparation capabilities of composite samples meet the most demanding analytical testing requirements (volumetric sample preparation sector).

SGS’s Novorossiysk Petrochemical Laboratory is the largest center in the region, not only in terms of area, but also in terms of laboratory processing capabilities, and meets international quality and safety standards for employees and the environment.

When speed matters

24 hours a day/7 days a week, SGS provides quality and quantity control for cargo during loading at ports and for four storage tankers at the outer harbor anchorage of the port of Kavkaz and 12 miles offshore. All required test specifications are processed immediately in our laboratory, without delay, in an extremely short time. For the convenience of our clients, we provide the test completion date for each indicator.

Flash point in open and closed crucible

We also provide for the transportation of samples, by boat or vehicles from storage tankers to the laboratory, minimizing delays (can be applied to cargo compounding projects).

The speed with which results are obtained gives our clients ample time to make decisions.

Worldwide support

A wide network of SGS offices and laboratories around the world provides quality control at points of loading of goods and at points of destination. If necessary, quality control in the supply chain is carried out by the master coordinator for cargo mixing from the Russian division of SGS, who monitors operations to ensure they are performed correctly.

Safety for employees

The new laboratory was designed with SGS best practices in mind and is equipped with fire protection systems, warning systems for use in case of fire. Evacuation control procedures are in place and modern materials which help to prevent the spread of fire were used in the laboratory’s construction.

The modern ventilation and air conditioning system guarantees a safe air environment for laboratory staff.

Composite sample mixing and preparation sector

Sulfur analyzers, including an automatic analyzer, and baths for measuring viscosity

Determining the content of trace amounts of water’ according to Karl Fischer

Fractional composition of oil products at reduced pressure

Nippon automatic mercury analyzer, organic chlorine content analyzer

Metal content, inductively coupled plasma and atomic absorption spectrometry

Content of water, mechanical impurities, total sediment, asphaltenes, aromatics in hydrocarbons


Gas chromatography, oxygenate content, individual hydrocarbon composition

Main laboratory hall

About SGS

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