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Livestock program from SGS – increase the logistical accuracy and efficiency of your livestock transportation.

Cargo and truck at harbour

As a seller or buyer of livestock, increasing the logistical accuracy and efficiency of your livestock transportation is vital. Our livestock program services can help you ensure accurate animal registration at every step of the journey, offering you independent evaluation to increase the efficiency of your livestock transportation.

Why choose the livestock program from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Increase the accuracy and efficiency of animal counts and registration 
  • Reduce the time of transport documentation preparation
  • Avoid possible fraudulent substitution of previously selected animals at each stage of transportation
  • Improve stocktaking at farms
  • Increase the transparency of your business through independent audits of your livestock

Hi-tech livestock registration from Russia’s trusted experts

As the leading provider of efficient livestock inspection services in Russia, we provide you with modern technology for livestock stocktaking – both during transportation and in farms.

Our livestock program includes:

  • Identification and counting of livestock during in-port loading onto the vessel by radio-frequency identification (RFID) scanning, comparing with the database and rejecting any foreign units
  • Sending the electronic database to the SGS office at discharge for further identification of livestock at arrival
  • Supervision of discharge operations and stocktaking at discharge by RFID scanning, identifying each unit against our database
  • Separate counting by receivers/trucks loaded
  • Witnessing possible cattle-plague cases at the vessel’s arrival or during discharge
  • Livestock audits at farms

To discuss how our livestock program can help you, contact us today.